Harrington for Sheriff


David Harrington

I was raised in Orange County in a military household. My family always valued hard work and the importance to give back. Today, I am inspired and proud to dedicate my career to public service as Aliso Viejo Mayor and a former veteran of the Sheriff’s department.

The Sheriff’s department has been plagued with scandal after scandal while criminals continue to be released early and crime sky rockets across Orange County. With my 28-year career in law enforcement, well over 1,000 arrests and experience managing a budget as Mayor, I am the most qualified to hold criminals accountable and promote crime prevention.   

While serving as a Sergeant in the Sheriff’s Department, I was awarded the Medal of Merit for innovations. I’ll use my proven record to modernize the office bringing the latest in crime fighting tools to improve the department’s efficiency and help us catch violent criminals faster. If elected Sheriff I will bring an unprecedented level of transparency to every corner of the department to bring back trust into the system.

All my experience and energy will be devoted to protecting the people of Orange County.


QUICK Facts About DAVE

•  Dave grew up in Garden Grove and Buena Park. He is a long time resident of Orange County.

•  In 1984 Dave went on a ‘ride a long’ with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. and knew right then and there he wanted to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

•  A year later, Dave was hired by the OC Sheriff’s Department where he served for almost 29 years.

•  He worked patrol for six years, primarily in north Orange County, becoming a Field Training Officer (FTO) and training several Deputies in patrol.

•  Dave promoted to Investigator, worked Economic Crimes, Fugitive/ Warrants for two years, Sex Crimes and General Investigations before promoting to Sergeant. 

•  As a Sergeant he worked 1.5 years in custody before transferring to patrol. He quickly took over the FTO program in patrol and started making everyday a training day.

•  Dave was assigned as the Administrative Sergeant for the City of Laguna Hills. Charged with tracking vacancies and overtime, he was able to find 200k in savings for the City.

•  Dave took an assignment in North Operations to be in charge of the Neighborhood Enhancement Team. Components of this detail included Community Oriented Policing, Directed Enforcement, Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership (GRIP) and Crime Prevention.

•  Dave was awarded the Medal of Merit in 2012 for innovations and modernizing equipment for the Deputies in operations.

•  Dave’s last assignment was in the City of Yorba Linda as the Administrative/Investigative Sergeant, working on the transition to the Department.

•  After retiring from the Department, Dave ran for Aliso Viejo city council and defeated the sitting Mayor and founding mayor.

•  Dave has been a champion for improving safety in schools, investing in our children, giving our military heroes the support they deserve and improving transparency in local government.

•  Dave met Michele Williams, Marine Corps Veteran, fell in love and married her creating a blended family of his, hers and theirs.

•  Dave has an adult son who served in the United States Army (with one tour of duty in Afghanistan) and is now an LA County Deputy Sheriff and a daughter who works as the director of marketing and as a professional makeup artist.

•  Michele, CEO and broker of Star Estates here in Aliso, has a son named Tyson. Together, they adopted Tamu and Negasse from Ethiopia several years ago