Harrington for Sheriff


Dave is proud to have the widespread support of law enforcement, community leaders and Orange County residents alike. Join us by submitting your endorsement as we stand together to protect our community.


Don Wagner, Mayor Irvine
Ed Sachs, Mayor, Mission Viejo
Craig Green, Mayor, Placentia
Michael Vaughn, Mayor, Rancho Santa Margarita
Mike Posey, Mayor, Huntington Beach
Tim Shaw, Mayor, La Habra
Rick Viczorek, Mayor, Dana Point
Victoria Vaughn, Mayor Buena Park
Tim Brown, Mayor, San Clemente
Duffy Duffield, Mayor Newport Beach
Bill Handel, KFI Radio 
Brian Suits, KFI Radio
Jo Mueller, Mayor Pro Tem., Dana Point
Deborah Pauly, former Councilwoman, City of Villa Park Member, Advisory Board, National Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Allan Bernstein, Councilmember, Former Mayor Tustin
Debra Lewis, Councilmember, Former Mayor Dana Point
Kevin Muldoon, Councilmember, Former Mayor Newport Beach
Janine Heft, Councilmember, Laguna Hills
Fred Smith, Councilmember, Buena Park
Ellery Deaton, Councilmember Seal Beach
Don Sedgwick, Councilmember Laguna Hills
Paul Wyatt, Councilmember, Dana Point
Phil Tsunoda, Councilmember, Former Mayor, Aliso Viejo
Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, 67th Assembly District
Bill Phillips, City Councilman, Former Mayor, Aliso Viejo
Billy O’Connell, City Councilman, Huntington Beach
Steve Dicterow, City Councilman, Laguna Beach
Eric Linder, Former State Assemblyman, California's 60th Assembly District
Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, California's 67th Assembly District
Jennifer Fitzgerald, City Councilmember, Fullerton
L. Anthony Beall, City Councilmember, Rancho Santa Margarita
Brad McGirr, City Councilmember, Rancho Santa Margarita
John Nielsen, City Councilmember Tustin
Scott Nelson, Former City Council Placentia
Steve Vargas, City Councilmember, Brea
Rhonda Shader, City Councilmember, Placentia
Robert Ming, Former Mayor Laguna Niguel
Barbara Kogerman, City Councilmember, Laguna Hills
Frank Ury, Former Mayor Mission Viejo
John Mark Jennings, City Councilmember, Laguna Niguel
Kerry Ferguson, City Councilmember, San Juan Capistrano
Beth Swift, City Councilmember, Former Mayor, Buena Park
Barbara Delgleize, Councilmember, Former Mayor, Huntington Beach
Beth Haney, Councilmember, Yorba Linda
Chuck Puckett, Councilmember, Tustin
Kathy Ward, Councilmember, San Clemente
Kathy Schlicht, Former Councilmember, Mission Viejo
Duane Cave, Director, Moulton Niguel Water District.  
Jerry Slusiewicz, Former Mayor Laguna Niguel
Ed Berakovich, Retired Commander
Lt. Bob Wren, Former Chief of Police Services Yorba
Lt. Mohammed Marhaba, Lieutenant, Santa Monica Police Department
Larry Bammer, Laguna Beach PEA Vice President
Bill Hunt, Former Chief of Police Services, San Clemente
Ron Hodges, Retired Sergeant Orange County Sheriff's Department
Sandy Kirsch, Retired Sergeant Orange County Sheriff's Department
Deron Redding, Retired Deputy Orange County Sheriff's Department
Randy Rush, Retired Deputy, Orange County Sherriff’s Department
Heidi Stoops, Aliso Viejo Chamber President
Claude Parrish, Orange County Assesor
Doug Montandon, Member San Clemente Chamber of Commerce
Honorable Tim Brown, Mayor, San Clemente
Honorable Barbara Delgleize, Councilmember, Former Mayor, Huntington Beach
Honorable Beth Haney, Councilmember, Yorba Linda
Honorable Chuck Puckett, Councilmember, Tustin
Honorable Carol Gamble, Councilmember, Rancho Santa Margarita
Ron Miller, Member NRA
Roger Faubel, Santa Margarita Water Distrct (ret)
Andrea Carpenter, Realtor
Julie Wright, Member AV/LN Rotary
Dave Findeisen, Fidelity title
Kristen Zeiger, First American title
Kamran Khadavi, San Clemente Retiree
Christina Selter, C-21
Danny Narrens, Realtor
James Daily, CEO Daily Law Group
Jerry Amante, FSB Core Strategies
Brian Smith, CEO Signature Control Systems
Daniel McIntosh, Beacon Resources
Kris Bozarth, Escrow Manager
Reggie Escalante, Pacific Life
Jake Vollebregt, Moulton Niguel Water District
Rick Hudson, CEO business sellers
Jami Dotson, Realtor
Ed Shandrew, AV chamber member
Sharon Custer, Realtor
Joseph McAndrews, US Coast Guard ret
Jonny Wolf, CEO American Construction
Alicia Petrick, Realtor
Jared Mathis, Moulton Family Foundation
Rick Wahler, Developer
JoAnn Hunter, Realtor
Scott Frasier, CEO America West Properties
Bill Plattos, Pres. First Team Real estate
Julia Archuletta, Realtor
Kris Bozarth, Guardian Escrow

"I am proud to endorse my friend of almost 20 years, David Harrington, for Sheriff of Orange County, California. This is something I've long hoped for and I'm thrilled he's decided to make it a reality. Strong leadership and a wealth of experience are just two of his many qualities that make him perfect for this position. His law enforcement acumen is phenomenal. I am excited for the future of a David Harrington-led Orange County Sheriff's Department."
- Deron Redding, Retired OCSD Deputy

"If you've been paying attention to what's been going on at OCSD you know there are serious problems at the top of the organization. The jail escape followed by the misleading information released by OCSD administrators about how it occurred, and then the $10 million price tag for it is just one of many, many reasons why new leadership is desperately needed. I've known Dave Harrington for 30 years and know he has what it takes to get the Department back on track and focused once again on public safety. Dave's passion for the law enforcement profession combined with his desire to ensure tax dollars are spent wisely makes him the best candidate for the office of Sheriff."
- Bob Wren Retired Lieutenant, OCSD

"Honesty plus integrity along with a deep personal understanding of the important issues that comes from his many years of service in the OCSD makes Dave the right person at this critical time."
- Patrick Brenden, Huntington Beach City Council

"I worked with Dave for 13 years at OCSD and he was a great Sergeant. Dave has the best interest for the citizens of Orange County."
- Phillip Samuels, OCSD Retired

"I believe he is the clear choice to help restore the Sheriff Department to a respected law enforcement agency in the County."
- Steve Ventura, Fireman

"Government’s highest priority is to keep its citizens safe. Dave has shown a relentless commitment to the pursuit of justice in his life-long career in law enforcement and is one of the County's most well respected leaders. He has my full support.”
- Don Wagner, Mayor Irvine

"I have known the Mayor Harrington, for several years and it's always been a great pleasure to know him and his family. As a campus supervisor within the Capo School District, Mayor Dave, always made sure to visit my school and always provided me with outstanding friendship and support if i needed it. And family was very nice to me. I felt happy to have this gentlemen as my FRIEND and i say this with HONOR. I fully support him and i am on his side all the way to the big office."
- Arthur Rollinight Jr, USMC retired

"I support Dave Harrington completely. I’ve followed Dave for years, He’s a highly respected local leader with high ethical standards and definitely a man of his word. I feel Dave can turn the Sheriff’s Department around in the right direction; accountability for our safety, the city’s budget and rising costs of law enforcement. I trust Dave will keep our families safe while getting violent criminals off our streets. Dave is the most experienced and trusted candidate for Orange County Sheriff."
- Terri Bruno, Laguna Niguel resident

I support Dave, because he stands for and has the ability to enforce the changes needed to protect the public, bring integrity back to the office of the OC Sheriff's department, and provide the transparency that has needed to ensure we can maintain and keep it that way.

I've known Dave for over 12 years, and have known him to be a man of his word, and do what he says, and help get things done when others can't and make excuses. That is why he ran for mayor and that is why he is running for Orange County Sheriff. I support and will vote for Dave and encourage others who want these changes to do the same. - Navid Davani, Aliso Viejo Resident